How to arrive to Pitigliano
First you have to get a map of Italy. Them, find Roma and Firenze. Between these two cities you will find Pitigliano. The village is located on the SS 74 road that links Albinia (Tirrenian coast) and Orvieto in the East.
By car: coming from Rome you can drive along the Aurelia road (Civitavecchia direction) up to Albinia (north of Orbetello). There you will turn right at the SS74 road. As well you can drive along the A1 road (Autostrada del Sole) up to Orvieto and them turn left and find the SS74. If you are at Viterbo, take the Via Cassia; just out of the city, you will abandoned it in the Marta-Capidomonte-Valentano direction; afterthat you will find the signals in the route.
Coming from
Firenze just take the A1 up to Orvieto.
If you come from
Siena take the Via Cassia up to San Lorenzo Nuovo and there you will find the SS74. Turn right. (Italiano)
By train-bus: first go to the Ferrovia Italiana site (Italian train company) in order to be informed about the timetable from the city you depart to the Albinia station.
Afterthat you have to look for the bus you have to get in order to reach
RAMA (Timetable)is the bus company and its addresses are:
Central Office: Via Topazio 12 - Grosseto - Tel (0564) 475111
Tickets: Viale Mameli 14 - Grosseto - Tel (0564) 25215
Pitigliano branch: Via S. Chiara, 72Tel-Fax (0564) 616040 - Orario 6,30 - 18,30

By Taxi : Giulio Taxi