Tourist Guides

Elisabetta Peri
Phone number: 347 7006452 / 0564 614139
Fax number: 0564 614139
Email Address: /
Address: Via E. Berlinguer 134 58017ג€“  Pitigliano (GR)
Languages: English, Italian
Further information: Elisabetta is specialized in the catalogue of historical, archeological and cultural patrimony. She also
runs the local library at Pitigliano.

Fabiana Conti
Phone Number: 340 6314066 / 340 4068412
Email Address: /
Address: Via Martini della Liberta, 165 58017ג€“  Pitigliano (GR)
Languages: English, German, French, Italian
Further information: Fabiana is also a sommelier (in a restaurant the person  who orders and maintains the wines sold in
the restaurant and usually has extensive knowledge about wine and food pairings) in case of gastronomic tours. As well
she works in all the Grosseto zone, included the islands.

Raffaella Agresti
Phone number: 347 0558178
Email Address:
Address: Piazza Fortezza Orsini, 59/D 58017ג€“  Pitigliano (GR)
Languages: English, Italian
Further information: Raffaella is not only a tourist guide but also a track guide (Pitigliano surroundings included
"Via Cave" and Etruscan Sites).

Sabina Stefani
Phone number: 349 4967348
Email Address:
Languages: English, German, Italian

Silvia Zucchi
Phone number: 347 1916174 /  0564 616300
Email Address:
Address: Via Bognomini 58017ג€“  Pitigliano (GR)
Language: Italian
Further information: Silvia is also  track guide (Pitigliano surroundings included "Via Cave" and Etruscan Sites)

Cenni Massimiliano
Guida Turistica ed Ambientale
Specialized in food and wine tour as well as hiking guide.
Provincia di Grosseto
Inglese, Francese e Spagnolo
Cell. 333.4862714

Note: If you are a tourist guide in Pitigliano and surroundings, and you want to be included in this list (free of charge),
please write to me: