Douglas Andelin
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Stephen Mckenna
Mauro Maccioni
Alan Philips
Mary Ann Moss
Constance Baltuck Hartle
Horst Weller
Kevin Butters
Simon Loli
Ornella Venanzi
Jo Ellis
Silvia Roseler
Stefanie Wengert
Marie Arpin
Heike Willmaser
Barbel Fickenscher
     "Pitigliano under the sun"
               by Cindy Briggs
Copyright by Cindy Briggs- contact
Francesco Fontani - 1801
V. Ruggeri - 1801 ?
Laura Casini
Sharon Weaver
Kathleen Meyer
Clive Russell
Enrico Gabardi
Werner Kerscher
This is the second paint of Pitigliano - Link to the first one
Gerard Michel
Fred Lynch
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